Porfirio Rubirosa el primer playboy

Porfirio Rubirosa El Primer Playboy

Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza (January 22, 1909 – July 5, 1965) was a Dominican diplomat and adherent of Rafael Trujillo. He made his mark as an international playboy, for his jet setting lifestyle, and his legendary prowess with women. Among his spouses were two of the richest women in the world.

Rubi to his countless conquests and to grateful headline writers across the globe – stood head and shoulders above the rest of this international pleasure pack. Rubirosa, the Dominican Republic’s answer to Pepé le Pew, provided the model that others could only emulate. A tireless presence at chic nightspots and watering holes, a keen race-car driver and polo player, a friend to the rich and infamous, a relentless pursuer of women with huge bank accounts, he went on a lifelong tear that ended, fittingly, with a spectacular car crash in 1965 after a night of heavy drinking at a Paris club. Even his 28-year old wife – his fifth – agreed that Rubi would have wanted it that way.

As Shawn Levy amply documents in “The Last Playboy,” his bubbly, breathless and appropriately inconsequential biography, Rubirosa worked hard at having fun. Well into his 50?s, when he crossed paths with the Rat Pack, he set a pace that few could match. Sammy Davis Jr., wrecked and staggering after a night on the town with Rubi, ran into his host the next day at lunch. Rubirosa, none the worse for wear, was leaning against the bar, elegantly turned out and casually sipping a Ramos gin fizz. Davis asked him how he did it. “Your profession is being an entertainer,” Rubirosa said. “Mine is being a playboy.”

He found his vocation early. While attending school in Paris, where his father had been posted as ambassador, he took every opportunity to haunt the nightclubs of Montmartre. ”Books didn’t find in me a very faithful friend, nor did the professors find a conscientious student,” he wrote in his memoirs. ”The only things that interested me were sports, girls, adventures, celebrities – in short, life.” That version of life requires money, and Rubirosa, despite his polished manners and undeniable charm, had none. That changed when he caught the eye of the Dominican Republic’s new strongman, Rafael Trujillo, who saw in Rubirosa a potential ally who could win over the country’s golden youth to his regime. For the next 30 years, Rubirosa profited by the connection, sometimes serving in diplomatic posts and, just as often, playing the unofficial role of goodwill ambassador and high-level fixer.

“The only things that interested me were sports, girls, adventures, celebrities – in short, life.” –

Rubirosa’s first audacious move was to marry Trujillo’s daughter, a potentially career-ending, or even life-ending, bit of chutzpah.  In time, he would capture even bigger prizes.  While a diplomat in Paris, he set his eyes on Danielle Darrieux, France’s biggest female film star, who quickly became his second wife.

Just what was the appeal? Mr. Levy, the author of “Rat Pack Confidential” and the film critic for The Portland Oregonian, makes a fairly convincing case that the Rubi magic came down to a combination of charm, mystique and, quite possibly, physical attributes, not limited to Rubi’s darkly handsome features. (Mr. Levy writes that cheeky waiters referred to the largest pepper-mill in the house as “the Rubirosa.”) Rubirosa spoke five languages, three of them fluently. His dress and his manners were impeccable, his appetite for women stupendous. He preferred that they be rich and beautiful, but in a pinch, anything with curves would do: the hat-check girl, a waitress, a low-rent prostitute.

Porfirio and Zsa Zsa Gabor

In his prime, he was unstoppable. ”He wraps his charm around your shoulders like a Russian sable coat,” the gossip columnist Hedda Hopper wrote. Even women determined to resist, and warned in advance, found themselves saying yes when Rubirosa mounted a full-scale offensive. Even Zsa Zsa Gabor, a grandmaster at the sex-for-money chess game, succumbed, although she drew the line at marriage. Her tempestuous relationship with Rubirosa provides Mr. Levy with some of his best material. Rubirosa, who surely saw in Ms. Gabor the challenge of a lifetime, pursued his prey ardently and relentlessly, in full view of the panting press.

It made for spectacular theater. When Ms. Gabor refused to leave her current husband, the actor George Sanders, Rubirosa struck her. Ms. Gabor called a news conference and showed up wearing an eye patch. “In Spanish, Rubirosa means a red rose, but to me it’s a black eye,” she told reporters. The headline in The New York Daily News read: “I Said No, So Porfy Poked Me: Zsa Zsa.”

Porfirio and Barbara Hutton

Strapped for cash, Rubirosa proceeded to marry Barbara Hutton. The marriage lasted 75 days and netted the happy husband cash and property worth $3.5 million, enough to finance his polo ponies, tailored suits and lavish partiers for years to come. And Rubirosa, a superbly conditioned nightlife athlete, had lots left in him. Eartha Kitt, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, the Empress Soraya of Iran – there was scarcely an actress or princess alive whose name was not linked with Rubirosa’s at some point in the 1950?s and even the 1960?s, when he began to slow down just a bit.

There’s some poetic justice in Rubirosa’s increasingly desperate attempts to keep up with his fifth wife, the French actress Odile Rodin. A ferocious nightclubber, she would frequently skip off to Paris, and the arms of her many male admirers, while Rubi stayed home in the suburbs, tending the garden and playing with his Chihuahua. He came to enjoy the simple pleasures, but then again, for Rubirosa, everything in life was simple.

“Women like to be gay,” he once explained to a radio interviewer. ”I like to be gay. They want to be happy. I try to make them happy.” That’s all there was to it.

Rubirosa died early in the morning on July 5, 1965, when he crashed his Ferrari 250 GT into a chestnut tree after an all-night celebration at the Paris nightclub “Jimmy’s” in honor of winning the Coupe de France polo cup.

Rubirosa secret was a Taino remedy.

Porfirio Rubirosa is considered to be the greatest playboy of all times. The reputation of his huge sexual strength is still famous, forty years after his death. Some people who knew him say he drank a shot of Mamajuana every morning. This seems to be his secret weapon. Every morning, Porfirio Rubirosa drank a shot of Mamajuana. Some think this was the secret of the enormous sexual strength that allowed him to sexually satisfy all the Hollywood Stars that became his lovers.


Profirió Rubirosa el gigoló más grande de la historia, nació el 22 de Enero de 1909, en San Francisco de Macorís en República Dominicana. Creció en el seno de una familia que le pertenecía a la alta sociedad, sus padres Ana Ariza Almanzar y María Rubirosa le dieron muchos lujos y fue el más pequeño de tres hermanos. Lo de conquistador lo lleva por sus venas ya que su padre fue conocido por ser un hombre alegre entre las mujeres. Se crió en la ciudad más romántica del mundo Paris, Francia hasta los 17 años y regreso a su natal Quisqueya a donde pensaba ingresar en la escuela de leyes sin embargo decidió formar parte de la milicia. Su físico no era el del típico galán elegante, pero tenía un don de verbo con las mujeres y siempre conseguía a las mujeres más famosas y millonarias. Siempre estuvo divirtiéndose entre copas y mujeres con reyes, príncipes y presidentes. Debido a ser un hombre estéril no pudo pasar la tradición de conquistador a futuras generaciones. Pero, su historia ha cautivado a millones de personas en el mundo entero en más de cuatro generaciones.

Salto a la fama del Casanova

Sostenía una estrecha relación con el dictador dominicano Rafael Leónidas Trujillo y en 1932 se casa con Flor de Oro Trujillo la hija del dictador, lo cual lo ayudo a conseguir cargos en el gobierno de su país. Primero, fue teniente de la seguridad presidencial y en 1936 fue nombrado diplomático. En sus asignaciones viajó a países de Europa, al igual que a muchas ciudades en los Estados Unidos, también estuvo presente en Cuba durante la Revolución Cubana.

Sus mujeres las más ricas y afamadas de su época

Se casó cinco veces, incluyendo a la actriz francesa Danielle Darrieux en 1942 la más cotizada y bella de su tiempo. Luego en 1947, decidió casarse con Doris Duke la mujer más rica del mundo, en el día de su matrimonio en un acto de sorpresa sacó de su bolsillo rubís para entregárselo a su amada en símbolo de su nombre. El matrimonio llego a su fin por causa de sus infidelidades, y él se quedo con carros deportivos, un avión privado, una casa grande en Paris y manutención monetaria de miles de dólares. Después de unos meses de divorciados Doris Duke le ofreció $2 millón para que regresara con ella, pero él no quiso. En 1953 se casó con Barbará Hutton la segunda mujer más rica del mundo y se dice que ella le daba $60,000 a diario para sus gastos personales y le regalo la finca más grande de café en la República Dominicana, lástima que el matrimonio solo duró unas semanas. Su último matrimonio en 1956 fue con la actriz francesa Odile Rodin de 19 años y Porfirio Rubirosa tenía 47 años, se cuenta que fue a la única mujer a la cual le fue fiel. Todas caían a sus pies, en la lista del conquistador dominicano están las actrices Zsa Zsa Gabor, Rita Hayworth, Dolores del Rio, Ava Gardner, y muchos afirman que también anduvo con Marilyn Monroe.

Estilo de vida del Playboy

Protegía su cara con miel, siempre se hacia las uñas de las manos y los pies, tenía un entrenador profesional que lo ayudaba en el gimnasio. Se destacaba entre la gente por andar con ropa fina y manejar autos últimos modelos. Estudio y aprendió hablar en varios idiomas que incluyen el español, inglés y francés, porque la apariencia y el carisma lo era todo para él. Se dice que en una ocasión duró casi dos horas enseñándole al famoso cantante y actor americano Sammy Davis Jr. la manera adecuada de besar la mano de una dama.

El polo y los carros de carrera sus deportes favoritos

Su pasión después de las mujeres era jugar al polo y organizaba carreras de correr autos en Paris. Porfirio Rubirosa sabía que una de las mejores estrategias para hacerse amigos de los adinerados era estar involucrado en estos deportes.

Trágica muerte

Murió a los 56 años, el 5 de Julio de 1965, en un terrible accidente automovilístico en Paris, Francia mientras manejaba chocó su Ferrari contra un árbol y murió instantáneamente. Después, hubieron especulaciones que posiblemente Profirió Rubirosa lo hizo intencionalmente.